Small Surprises

A little bit of Carty goodness is hiding on this page in Small Magazine's Winter issue!

Painting and painting away today. And slowly putting Christmas away until next year. And looking forward to finishing what's on my table so I can play with the new designs I made on Monday. I see lots of pink and red in my near future. 


  1. ...Oh and I can clearly see the carty goodness too! Congrat's on being featured! :o)

    ...I am doing that too this week, catching up. I have items on my table that need finishing so I told myself, "self, no working on new stuff 'til the new year" and that's what I'm doin'... :o) It's hard tho'. *sigh* :o\

    ...Here's wishing you & yours a New Year filled with love, laughter, prosperity and joy!

    ...Blessings... :o)

  2. That is awesome! Congratulations :)

  3. Soooooo cooooool! Can't miss your wonderful piece! Congratulations! And I wish I could be even a TENTH as prolific as you & Dylan are! Don't know how you two do all you do! BIG HUGS!

  4. Congratulations!! Can't wait to see what you create in 2011!


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