Itty Bittys

Last month, while picking up College Girl in Walla Walla, Dylan found a big old jar chock full of mystery itty bitty goodness in a little antique store. Knowing how much I love the little things in life, he bought it and managed to keep it hidden until Christmas. On Christmas morning, we had great fun dumping out the contents and searching for hidden treasures!
There were lots and lots of old Cracker Jacks prizes (remember those?), and tons of cupcake toppers. Googly eyes, Santas, a green fish. Cars, trucks, rockets, and boats. Tiny deer! And a cowboy too!
Spacemen, gnomes, a yellow dog, stripey cats, a tiny cow. . .
Rugby players, and footballers too. A little ring boy, an alligator, green chickens, an alien or two. . .
And a couple of clowns. They will have to go.
Clowns kinda creep me out.


  1. AWesome!
    I love treasure! What a wonderful find and an awesome gift!
    I'm with you on the clowns too... ew... ; )

  2. I agree, the clowns need to be banished. Nothing good will come of them hanging about. ;-)

  3. Sweet find.
    Naturally the c-l-o-w-n-s will have to be relocated.

  4. I'm with you on the clowns but the cowboy is every kind of cool.

  5. Oh, I totally AGREE with you ALL about the CLOWNS. They really are a bit icky. Not to be confused with Jesters though, as I quite like Jesters...
    What a wonderful collection of items you have here.
    I know all about how much fun the 'little things' in life can be.
    On the way to visit my small granddaughter one day, I stopped in at a quaint opp shop...to gather a few 'little things' for her to play with. As they were all in a big basket, and it was a bit too difficult to see exactly what was in there, I asked if I could tip the basket upside down and sort through all the 'little things' on the floor..promising to tidy them all up again before I left the shop. After I had spent quite some time sorting through all the tiny plastic goodies, tided up, and proceeded to the cash register...the shop lady said I was very welcome to come back and play another day, as I had looked like I was having so much fun!

  6. What is it with clowns? why are they so creepy when their intent is to make us smile and laugh. someone should research the subject someday....but set that aside and say what fun to paw through all of the tiny treasures...as I have said before ...everyone needs a Dillon!

  7. Such a cool bunch of treasures. Hope you had a wonderful & Merry Christmas!

  8. totally agree on the clown thing... nasty.

    Love tininess...I'm so intrigued by it.

    Tiny clowns might be even creepier than big ones, easier to lose track of...throw them far away!!!


  9. Cracker Jack Prizes! I didn't even like Cracker Jacks but I loved the prizes. My favorite was a magnifying glass when I was 8. ;-)

  10. Dylan, I've said it before, but here goes AGAIN: You SOOOOO ROCK! What a great find & how much FUN! Add my vote to the clown banishment! I am totally creeped out by them! Funny, but the Alien possibly SHOULD be the one who appears 'creepy' - NOT to ME! LOVE HIM!

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