Today's Table

I'm seeing stars!
(And moons, birds, a bunny, a skeleton, and a wolf dressed up like a sheep.) All these stars and moons are off to New Zealand as soon as I finish them. I've always wanted to go there. I hear the sheep outnumber the people-- an appealing thought some days.

Here's a peek at Dylan's table too.

He has been working on all the new designs I threw at him on Wednesday. There are an awful lot of tiny bits I'm afraid, but he continues to amaze me with his ability to make just about anything I can think up.

So far it's been mostly deers and deer ears.
. . .
In other news, we may go to our very-first-ever football game tonight. I hoping to talk my friend Jim into going with us to act as a translator.
Rah rah! Shish boom bah!


  1. I must confess that if I were EVER confronted with tiny things to sew, they would all be lumpy-horrid! I don't KNOW how Dylan gets them turned so well with no lumps & bumps. KUDOS, Dylan! And kudos to YOU, lil' Jo for designing sheer genius! I've never been to a football game, either. But - LOL! - THAT'S because I personally LOATHE sports - most especially football. Have fun, & good luck understanding everything! HUGS!

  2. I cannot wait to see it all finished. Looks like fun!!

  3. Wonderful post Jo...
    Off to New Zealand??? Do tell!

    I'd love to go there myself... just need a reason... hmmmm could I take all of your creations in my bag???

    Hugs on this very dismal fall day in the Pacific NW

  4. woofhoo and we are soooo excited!

  5. a parcel arrived today and oh what beauty it held... my brain flooded with words as i unwrapped the stars and moon - gorgeous, delightful, major cute, what personality, wee treasure and then... oh my goodness!.... the blackbird, oh what a beauty, oh what perfection, oh how proud i am to own him.... my heart literally skipped a beat, he is so fine!

    THANK YOU for your talent and for sharing such beauty... THANK YOU ever so!


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