Gifty Goodness

Guess what I made yesterday? Gift certificates! (They're so cute and official looking all dressed in their pretty envelopes.) If you want one you can find them in our Etsy shop.

I made other stuff too. I'll take pictures of that later. Also started a list of what I want to make for Christmas presents this year. I can't believe it's only 47 days away!

Hope you're all
having a just-right day.


  1. Oh, they're BRILLIANT, Jo! What a smart idea! Can't wait to see what ELSE you're up to! HUGS!

  2. Such a lovely idea. I will ask Santa for one..

  3. Fantastic Joe! I had someone ask before if I would do these, and I wan't sure how or where to offer them! YOu are a markting whiz! Love it! Can't wait to see your Christmas pieces. XO.


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