Home from Halloween and Vine

Home again, home again, jiggity jig!
Halloween and Vine was super cool.
We met so many nice folks!
Thank you to those of you who stopped by to say hi. I wish we could have all had a nice long chat. Being Dylan's and my first show, we were realy nervous and had no idea what to expect. Would we be swamped with customers clammoring to buy our wares (we wish!) or ignored? Would the venue be cool?Would the other artist's be nice? Would anybody show up? Would we have enough bags/change/cards? Would I survive the day wearing heels??
And the answers are: neither, yes, mostly, yes, and then some, sock feet by noon.

Here's the show building just before the doors opened at 9:AM
Here's our little spot in the Halloweeny neighborhood.
Our neighbor to the right was Brandi of Off her Rocker. Such a doll! She came all the way from North Carolina for the show. Some of her pieces are HUGE!
Across the way was David of Chicken Lips. Loved him! His pieces are gorgeous, and chock full of silliness!
Our other next door neighbor was Nicol Sayre. Such a sweetie! And her pieces are the best kind of prim and sophisticated.
Around the bend was William Bezek. Brilliant and spooky cool! (I couldn't resist getting one of his tiny punkinheads.)
Sharon Bloom's stuff was gorgeous too!
Sorry about the blurry photo of another neighbor,
 Allen Cunnigham. His meticulous works were tiny treasures, precise and perfect.  I'd love to have a whole mantle full of them!
The art of Jorge de Rojas was like a parade! I loved every bit of it. He uses color in brilliantly vibrant and unexpected ways.
Speaking of vibrant colors, Sweet B's work was as sweet as the maker! (I could resist getting a little tiny piece from her as well.)
Matthew Kirscht of Shiverbones and his beautiful fiance were there too, from New Orleans.  Bold and graphic designs!
And at the top of the hill was the house that Jack built. Jack Roads has been doing Halloween art for over 30 years, and sets the standard for excellence. I can't give you a link to his stuff, because he's not a computer kind of guy. But I can tell you that he was almost sold out in a matter of minutes.
Lori Ann Corelis was there too. What fine work, chock full of richness and texture!
Paper Moon had lots and lots of pieces, each one with its own unique charm. Her funny little punkinheads were my favorite of hers.
There were lots of others there too, so forgive me for not including everyone.
○ ○ ○
It really was a great experience. We learned a lot. We have several pieces left over and will be putting them up for sale soon, after we sleep. It has been a long month!
Thanks again to those who stopped by
and to others offering encouragement along the way.
It makes all the difference in the world!


  1. What a super overview and great photos of the exciting weekend!
    Congratulations on your first show!
    ~ Deb

  2. Thank you for your insights~You make wonderful pieces and I love what you said; I hope you want to come back next year and join us again~excellent work!

  3. Hi Jo

    This is a whole different world, we have nothing like this here in the UK, I can't believe the ques, and such a big venue...I don't know what to say, I'm amazed.

    As for the wares on sale, yours stand head and shoulders above the rest for me, amazing as ever.

    ~ Julie

  4. Congratulations! It looks like a fabulous show - isn't Halloween Grand?! SUE

  5. Great photos, Jo! I would be comatose from having to choose from all of the lovelies available. I, too love Chicken Lips and Sweet B! Hope all of the work was well worth it for you! Now go take a nap!

  6. What a wonderful display of creativity, lots of great artists. I always love seeing David's pieces, which reminds me, I have one I won and forgot I can put it out now;)


  7. Great photos, Jo! I'd be comatose trying to choose from all of the available goodness!

  8. Howdy neighbor! Your booth was stunning! Thanks for great photos.

  9. Jo and Dylan I was so so happy to meet you and talk! You had an awesome booth. I Hope we can keep in touch.

    Glad you are home safe.

    What great photos you took! Whendid you have the time : )

  10. Your pieces were great!!! And your booth was festive and inventive, too.


Thanks for stopping by!

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