Second Chances

The sun may be shining brightly, but it's raining on The Cart-
We made another batch of raindrops (and some clouds too while we were at it). The last batch flew out the door really quick-like and some sweetie-pies missed out. So here ya go. I'm a big fan of second chances.(We won't be making any more any time soon on account of we've got a lot of Halloweeny goods to get to.) I think this one's my favorite this time around--
You can find them here.
. . . . .
 In other news. . .we still have company and are enjoying all of this Summer's fruity glory. We have plenty of blueberries to share.
Want some?


  1. OMG! Could those BE any cuter? I don't have a favorite one because they're ALL my faves! Hmmm ... those lil' blueberries would look cute with faces, too! LOL!

  2. ...Gosh, put those all together and wouldn't that make the cutest mobile for a baby or young child's room?

    ...Love. Each and every one of them!

    ...Blessin's... :o)

  3. So chubby and charming!

  4. Those are really fun pieces.
    I love blueberries, could live on those;)


  5. oh, yummy! and we'll share too - we picked some wild blueberries today - and some stink current :)


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