Had the ocassion to dust off our little collection of  kid albums.
Got some oldies in there. Older than me.
This one was my absolute favorite when I was little.
I must've listened to it a gazillion times.
AND it came with a comic book!
I think kids' attention spans where a bit longer way back then.


  1. What a charming blog, Jo. I just came by way of Viv's. I love your Halloween figures. This is my new blog-hopping time and I was actually looking for halloween. I did not appreciate it until about three years ago...oddly enough. I also love so many things you make....your raindrops, your children's crowns, and kitty kitty squashblossom is wonderful!

    We are pretty new to the world of blogland. My daughter gave the blog to me as a gift and a big surprise one day. Come and visit, if you would like. We make repurposed jewelry but our blog is all about our lives, our family (and dogs), other art that we do, our home and wonderful estate sale and rummage sale finds.


    Suz (and Kat)

  2. Oh, MERCY! ALBUMS! I thought I was the only person who still OWNED any of those critters! LOL! I have my faves on cd now, but now & then, I HAVE to play my scratchy old Cat Stevens TEA FOR THE TILLERMAN album. Brings back memories ...!

  3. love-love-love The Point.
    My children love it too... would love to see the original comic that came with the album. What a treasure.

  4. We never had stuff like that, lol.
    The first one I remember was an album my dad had, that started with, Hello Mother, hello father, I am hear at camp something or other, lol.


  5. It was actually an animated movie on TV too. I have in my head Dustin Hoffman narrating. Loved it.

    Me and my arrow
    Straighter than narrow
    Wherever we go, everyone knows
    It's me and my arrow..

    Uh oh.. is this inspiration for you for more art????

  6. I miss you on eBay!!! So I stopped by your blog to see what's up!
    Our family is HUGE Harry Nilsson fans! Of course I love "Son of Schmilson" it's the best! My favorite part in the piont has to be the three flying fat ladies!
    Have a great creative weekend! Patty


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