Something-New Sunday. . .On Monday

What has 6 arms, 20 wheels,
and the potential to sprout wings?
It's Katie Pillar!
Go here or here to see more of her.

I was a little late posting Her Royal Bugginess on account of we went to look at yet another rental house. And guess what? We got it! Yay! The quest is over! We won't be moving til the end of June, so there's still plenty of time to sort through every little thing while deciding what pile to stick it in-- Keep, Toss, Give Away, or Goodwill. Honestly, how many dead sewing machines does Dylan need??


  1. CONGRATULATIONS to you and Dylan on finding your new house! That's WONDERFUL news! As for the packing ordeal, YOU CAN DO IT! I'm really happy for you!

  2. I'm glad for you! Flylady, the mentor for clutterbugs, says people should at least pretend to move periodically so that they'll go through their stuff. :-)

    If you're moving to the Sherwood Forest ;-) maybe you'll spy Little Red there.


  3. Congrats on locating a house and GL with the move in June. Heading over to view the newest bug mobile!

  4. Fantastyczna praca,jak każda!!

  5. Congrats on finding a new abode. I think you've outdone yourselves with Katie. She;s phenom!!

  6. Love the Katie piece and congrats on finding a new place.


  7. congratulations! I hope it is someplace warmer and drier!

  8. I hope you will be happy there!

  9. CongratS! On finding your new HOME!!!
    I hate moving too, but it does force you to get rid of stuff! LOL!
    I LOVE KATIE! Too Cool!!

  10. CONGRATS! And what a cutie that little Katie P is!
    Always a blessing to visit.
    Still in Athens, wish you were here.


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