Go here Sunday evening at 8:PM
to see lots of fabulousness including a one-of-a-kind angel
fresh off The Cart. Here's a little sneak peek-
And while you're out and about in Cyberland,
be sure to stop by here for your chance to win
lots of Halloween goodies (and jellybeans). . .
. . .
Today I'm finishing something new for 
Something-New Sunday.
I'll be back tomorrow.


  1. You lil' stinker, teasing us all the time with teeny glimpses at your new pretties! You KNOW I'll be looking! All I'M going to have to show for this weekend is a clean house & a reorganized craft area. Now I NEEEEEEEED to create! HUGS to you & Dylan & wishes for a fun rest of the weekend!

  2. I just love your angels, I will have to check it out tomorrow.



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