My brain is too full of other things to come up with a title for this post.

In varying degrees of unfinished-ness, here's what greeted me this morning on my worktable.
There are 3 one-of-a-kind pieces mixed in there that will be available somewhere on the 13th, but I can't tell you where because it's a secret until then. I finished sculpting some heads too. Almost. They still need sanding (my least favorite part) before I can paint them (the super-fun part).
 And I got to indulge my love of tiny stitches on this one
while watching Project Runway on the computer. (whee!)
In other news, Spring is just around the corner.
I can just see it peeking over the proverbial garden wall.


  1. THERE you are! I was getting worried 'cause you haven't been posting as much & I am a spoiled BRAT! LOL! Your critters are always so fascinating in their not-quite-complete stage! And the ones peeking over that wall? ADORABLE! I don't at ALL want to see the arrival of Spring (ugh!!!!) but I DO want to see all your finished pretties! HUGS!!!!

  2. Love all the unfinished goodness. Can't wait to see what they all become. Hope you have a lovely week :)

  3. It's always diabolical and magical in your neck of the woods. Love to see your little parts becoming your visions. Your visions are wickedly wonderful--I love seeing the world through your eyes.

  4. So many pretty goodies and ummmm ...I know where your one of a kinds are going ;) *smirk*

    Can't wait to see them! Wish I had a money tree to shake.



  6. Since you brain is to full of ideas to come up with a blog post I will call the post "what tumbles out!!"

  7. oh gosh, Rabbit Hill lives! Thanks Jo for the update. It is a very mild 70 degrees here today and I just saw a REAL bunny under my porch. Hooyah.
    Candace in Athens

  8. Your production ratio boggles my mind! Still, it's nice to see someone else working on some Christmas stuff!!


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