Rainbows and Silliness

Here's what today's table looks like-

Birdies and bunnies and hearts, oh my!
And a couple of conjoined cuties, and a bear, a cat, a tree. . .so much silliness.

Tis the season for rain, rain, and more rain here on the beautiful Oregon Coast. I'm not gonna lie, it gets old. All this dreary grayness can dampen even the perkiest person's spirit, but without it we wouldn't get such prettiness. Here's the latest rainbow(s) we were treated to, looking out our livingroom window-

Hope all your gray days have rainbows.


  1. I LOVE your bunnies and kitties and heart-headed dolly! I think ALL of the new critters are MARVELOUS! Am I nuts (yes, of course) or do I see something that resembles music notes right in front to the left? Maybe it's arms or legs. LOL! As for gray days - sigh. My favorite! Really! I ADORE gray, cold days when the world is cozy-right for creating, reading, drinking far too much coffee, and feeling snug. Your rainbow's a beauty! HUGS!!!!

  2. If there's such a thing as a delightful vivisectionist--you're my favorite! It looks very promising. I can't wait to see them mature into something as pretty as that rainbow.

  3. I Love seeing your befores and afters!
    They always boggle my mind!
    I do kinda agree with Kai, when it's cold, grey and dreary I tend to accomplish more inside!
    I'm already thinking about getting my garden seeds and gardening always bites into my creative inside time!

  4. I just love seeing the beginnings of your pieces. It's fun to imagine what they will be come. And they ALWAYS exceed the limits of my imagination.

  5. How cute...and I love your rainbow! WOW! ♥

  6. What a gorgeous rainbow! I remember seeing many, many rainbows as a kid living in the Willamette Valley - Oregon is sooooo pretty.

    Gorgeous WIP's too - can't wait to see them finished.

    Have to add, I LOVE your "Choose Optimism" badge - is that something found online, or created? It's a great reminder. :)

    ~ Carolee

  7. WHAT a rainbow!! I'm across the country from you and we have nothing but sunshine with a little more sunshine!
    Love the new colors on the table! That'll take the 'drearies' away!!

  8. Pretty rainbows and great WIPs


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