Her eyes were bigger than her stomach.
Ever hear that expression? Well, my list is bigger than my day.
Here's what's on the table this morning. I need to have them almost finished by this evening.
Totally do-able. But the list doesn't stop there, nooooo. . .I've also got to finish 8 ornaments for our annual get-together with our bestest friends (which requires another trip to the printshop on account of I spilled paint on one and have to make it again) and wrap said ornaments (I wanna do something like THIS for the kids). Also, we're donating our refrigerator (we have an extra in the garage) to my brother who just bought a refrigerator-less house, so I gotta clean that out and make the swap. Then there's the kids' Christmas concert tonight, packing (Did I mention the annual get-together is out of town?), and the everyday chores that accompany motherhood. . .Inhale. Exhale.
Ya know, I feel better now that I've written it down. It actually sounds like a really fun day. I'd better get to it.

May all your To-Do lists be short
and your Fun lists be long.


  1. Gosh, and I'm just sitting here eating bonbons and blog surfing. Thanks for the guilt. I REALLY needed it. Off to work on something.

  2. HAHA, Kim!! I'm with you, JO! So much to do and so little time...doable...it always is but still..YIKES!!

  3. My TO DO lists have gotten much more fun today! I went and bought craft supplies! Happy holidays! Try not to stress!

  4. Oh, Jo! I'm so sorry to hear you are bored & have nothing to do. ............ GOOD HEAVENS, Girl! Today's list should be the entire WEEK'S list! But I'm LOVING the soon-to-be-completed creations because I do believe I see a GINGERBREAD HOUSE up there, and Kai loooooves ALL things gingy-people related! Tooooo cute! Also love those gift balls. Yours are going to rock! I know they will have an inspired Jo-twist to them! Have SO much fun at ALL your events! And tell us about everything when you return, okay?

  5. Jo - I hope you are wearing running shoes and your hair is pulled back out of your eyes. On your mark, get set...GO! haha! Oh, the holidays! Fa lalalaaaaa! I love them, but they make my hair fall straight out of my head.
    xo Pam

  6. WOW! That made me feel exhausted just reading your list! You must be "Superwoman"! Have fun!

  7. Way too much in one day, you are worse than I am;)
    I would make my brother clean it himself, lol.



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