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My oldest friend (not that he's so ancient, I've just known him forever) is the owner of the coolest shop.
He has the best eye for vintage gorgeousness, and he's having a sale!

Here are the things I'm drooling over today, especially this table (so cool).

I love what he says about what he does with that shop of his--
". . .recycling/reusing/re-purposing/zero-carbon use of existing things; gaining perspective on where, when, how, and why we live as we do; making Home more than a stay at a motel; recognizing that everyone can be creative and Home can be a major work of art. . ."

We need our small businesses, and they need us.
Please keep them in mind while doing the shopping thing this holiday season.

Speaking of small businesses, here's a peek the latest goodies fresh off The Cart-

You can see more of them here.


  1. There's our Jo! I thought you had flown the coop! Glad to know you have simply been creating & shopping, and that nothing is wrong! LOVE that formica table/chair set! VERY retro! And RED? My fave color! Speaking of faves - ALL of your newest pieces are my newest favorites! But my FAVORITEST favorites (heehee) are the two Santas with tree toppers! WONDERFUL! I also really like the stitching used for your bunny lady's nose!

  2. I love your bunny lady! They're all fabulous. And those red chairs remind me of the set my mom had when I was a wee grub. :) Happy holidays!! Pam

  3. He's my hero! That's exactly the kind of thing I support--that table and chairs are amazing too!

  4. love that table and chairs... reminds me of my grandma

  5. LOVE the new work, and I'm right there with you on supporting small business! :)

    ~ Carolee

  6. Thats our motto here in Austin .."Keep Austin Weird"..means keep all our small and hometown businesses thriving. We weird because we do that. Love the table and whats to come.


  7. Brilliant!!! I can't pick a fave!

  8. I'm small businessing my way through Christmas. OK, I intend to. What I am regretting, is that I haven't even drawn up THE list yet. Denial that is. Hope the postman's on his toes.

    Most excellent table.


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