I'm thinking, I'm thinking. . .

This little Cat Cone. . .

. . .became this Kitty.

Last week's stuff is all done now,
and awaiting adoption.

This odd 8. . .

. . .became an odd hat brim for this tight-knit pair.

We wanted the last witch of the season to have a little something extra.

It's the last of the witches, but the first of the snowmen!

What's white-on-white and cute all over?

This little mermaid-in-disguise is my favorite this week.

You can see more of everybody HERE.

Today I'm working on some new designs. Whee!
I'm thinking about owls and fawns and anthropomorphic mushrooms,
and I'm not thinking about laundry. OK, maybe a little bit.

What are you thinking about today?


  1. Marvelous! My goodness you are so clever when it comes to your creativity! I'm constantly amazed and

  2. I'm thinking you are an inspiration to me. I love what you come up with and I want to try to make something from your cat cone template:)

  3. I am so in love with your stuff! The only question is what to get whom for Xmas gifts! (I have to start shopping early because I like to kick back in December and party).

  4. How funny, I'm not thinking about laundry too...or any other housework! I am thinking about what colors to use for a new doll...and crows...not sure why, but there you go. I love the masked mergirl.

  5. I'm Thinking, I must get on and do something creative.
    Love the works, and LTSally in her different guises. Lindax

  6. I have a passion for mermaids We so want to live by the water but HMMM it does not look to be in our future .

  7. I was thinking about red horns and that is ALL I managed to paint today, and I don't know how you do it and I am definitely NOT thinking about laudry or dishes or going to bed at a reasonable time... pfffffff!

  8. Oh I love your unique creations..they are wonderful...;)

  9. How I wish such an angel! Marvelous! I admire your dolls! How do you buy an angel. I am from Russia.

  10. I love them all, but I think I love the two-headed witch the best. You are amazing!

  11. This is my first visit here and I'm so glad that I took the time to stop. What a blessing and your work is amazing. I'll be back for sure.

  12. OMG! The snowman ALONE made me so happy! And, Jo - HE'S A SNOWCONE!!!!! LOL! I love ANYTHING that makes me think of Christmas! And it's given me a million ideas re: using both your cone template AND some of my own oddball little templates. You are just stuffed FULL of ideas and amazing critters! LOVE THEM ALL!

  13. I love this snowman and the mermaid too!!
    I would be happy to see an owl made by yourself ^^

  14. Anonymous10/06/2009

    love all those bodies laying around :)
    just in time for Halloween. That 2 headed witch is FUN!

  15. I love love LOVE the twinned witch but have already been outbid... mmmm. They are all great, Jo. This turning of the wheel sees wonderful things from your shoppe!

    I'm thinking orange and black, and lace. I'm thinking of My Snake Cake! Greens, silvers and greys! Mad Hatters, Mad Dogs and Englishmen... lol.

    Take care.
    Candace in Athens x

  16. Im not thinking...Im doing... laundry that is - YUCK - why oh why does it seem to multiply??

    Thank you for mentioning my buffet.


  17. How incredible your work is.

    Love Renee xoxo

  18. Your art just make my day everytime I see it!


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