Thursday's Table

Sanded and stained,
limbs are attached, buttons sewn, stitches stitched.
 Everybody's dressed and ready for their penciled-in faces. . .

. . .except for a decapitated pumpkin-head
who needs quite a bit more attention.

This is a very odd phase of the work week.

 Thursday's list is complete.
Well, one list is done;
there's always another.


  1. For you it may be an odd part, but it makes me noisy to see the finished ones! I already love the taurus ones and the twin-headed, is this bears?

    Really enjoy your stuff!

    Have a nice day (which is just startin in Germany...)

  2. You know, if you ever go a thief in your place, you'd scare the heck out of him and he'd run for the hills. It looks like a mad scientist's crazy lab assembly line of odd creatures. I love it!!!

  3. It would be so difficult to paint their faces at THIS moment!!!
    I like your "day's table"...and I come to see every day if there is a new "table"!
    Have a great friday!

  4. You work in such an orderley fashion, I want to be more like you, I'm surrounded by chaos right now :o)

  5. I am already TOTALLY in love with what looks as tho' it will be a devil-guy! ALLLLLL your critters are just intriguing! And the ONLY way an artist can create intriguing things is to BE intriguing! You KNOW what that makes YOU, lil' Jo!

  6. I'm loving your week full of worktable!

    I love seeing other artists spaces, especially when its in use.

    I've never understood artists being embarrassed by an in-use work station... sure, it may *look* messy... but, honestly, I think I might be disappointed by a barren artist workstation!

  7. The entire cast, waiting in the wings... they look so patient.

  8. I love seeing your WIPs. They all look amazing!

  9. I would love to be there watching how you create these wonderful pieces! I am amazed at all the work you get done in a day...whew! Can't wait to see the finished doll with the great striped dress.

  10. I really love that ram/goat doll you are working on amongst all those other wonderful characters!

  11. Happy Friday!
    What a wonderful collection of dolls and body parts just waiting for YOU to give them life! :)
    Love them all!

  12. It's been really enjoyable to see your doll making process - lovely work :)

  13. Hi Jo, I just love your work! Because I do I have given you a blog award. Please go to my blog to read, and pass it on if you like!

  14. Looks like some interesting creations being made on the table, can't wait to see them finished.


  15. LOVE these posts...it's so cool to see how other artists work through the week.


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