Friday's Table

My week is coming to an end.
This batch of beasties will be done tomorrow
(unless the world has other plans).

It's 8:30pm here in Oregon, and my day's shenanigans are still in full swing.
I don't have to get up early tomorrow, so I'll work as late as I want.
In my pajamas even. I'm a rebel.
Everybody's features have been drawn and now I'm starting to paint with my teeny tiny brushes.

I go through a tiny brush every couple of weeks. I hate it when they start to fray. Luckily, there's a little store here in town that keeps them in stock for me. It's my daughter's favorite store too, because they have her beloved pens and markers. She just spent $20 (a huge extravagance for my uber-frugal teen) on some new ones, and doesn't let them out of her sight.
Here's her latest doodle-

Isn't she crazy talented?
Just imagine how good she'll be when she gets to take a real live art class.
She has never had one. Her high school doesn't even have one art teacher. I can't imagine that I would have gotten through school at all if not for the art classes.
Speaking of school,
her and Daddy are headed off into the wild blue yonder tomorrow to look at colleges. We're all hoping that not only will they let her in, but that they'll throw lots of money at her. I personally think that any college would be super lucky to get her
(not that I'm biased or anything).
Cross your fingers for us.


  1. My fingers AND my toes are crossed. And your own lovely beasties look fantabulosa... I have been playing catch up today as work is again in full sway just before the Real McCoy (earnings) hits us.

    Visits here always leave me refreshed, inspired, relaxed and happy. Take care!

    Candace in Athens.

  2. where on the oregon coast are you? I love your dolls and your daughter is most talented...hhhmmm I wonder where she gets it..:)

  3. I really enjoyed seeing how your work week went this week : ) Thanks for sharring all of it.

  4. The word verification I had to copy to leave a comment on today's blog post was 'niess'. I decided it was another way of saying, "NIIIIIICE!!!!!" which is a VERY low-key description of your nearly finished critters! My PERSONAL description would be as follows: Me, jumping up & down (pompoms in hand) shouting, "Go, Jo! Waaaaaaaay cool!" THAT should scare you to death (and WOULD if you really visualized someone MY size leading ANY sort of cheer. But truly, it's the thought that counts, right? Wow! Long-winded, aren't I? Sorry! What can I say? You are an artist who MUST create. I am a writer who isn't very GOOD but MUST spew lots of words! LOL!) As for your very talented daughter, she most certainly will be fought over by colleges. FOOLS any and all who DON'T fight over her! Can't WAIT to see your critters completed. I am still madly in love with that lil' devil man!

  5. Joee - in a way it will be good she didn't have art, because she won't be subjected to cutting a face out of a magazine and then cutting it in half and then having to draw the other half. ;-) I love this drawing and YES she is crazy talented AND the apple doesn't fall too far from the tree! AND they should pay HER to come to their school. So there!

    Is the doll with no head going to receive a paperclay head? Please explain process if you don't mind.

    I love your work!

  6. AND I really, really like the long dress on the dolly that's made of strips of cloth. Was she placed on the Cart Before the Horse rack and stretched? Very interesting kind of hippy look to her.

  7. I love the eyeball one! Good luck with the art school search. The scholarships are hard to find since art schools don't tend to have the big endowments and rich alums.

  8. Your daughter is super talented alright and I see that the apple doesn't fall far from the super talented tree.

    Renee xoxo

  9. I LOVE the new creations! Those are beautiful.

  10. It's been so great to take a peek into your creative process this week; I have really enjoyed it.

    Your daughter is definitely talented, good luck with the college search :)

  11. Just found your site and I love your stuff! You are so talented and so is your daughter, she is going to be awesome in a few years.

  12. She is definitely talented. I think she has it in her genes and no matter what she does in life, she will be a talented artist.



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