Happy Monday!
Monday is my very favorite day.
It's all about list-making and infinite possibilities.
(Two of my favorite things.)
Monday is the day I plan out what I hope to make in the next 6 days. It's a day of dreaming up new characters, taking inventory of supplies, and preparing for productivity. My workspace is usually neat and tidy on
Monday, having fully recovered from last week's chaotic creative endeavors. Monday morning barely sees the weekly deadline looming in the distant future.
Monday is a clean slate.
Hooray for Monday!
My masked menagerie virtual quilt continues to grow.
I added 6 new faces this morning.

My first attempts at making a masked spider were less than successful. But, you know what they say about not succeeding the first time around. So I gave it another go. 
Ten eyes, six arms, and 2 legs later. . .
I'm so pleased with my adorable arachnid!
The eyes have it.
She's not much on the web-spinning front, preferring to knit.
You can see more of her here.

. . .
There is still plenty of time to participate in the giveaway
(if you haven't done so already). I've been throwing names in the hat (actually, there are two hats-- one for Dolly, one for Patterns) as they've come in, and I think I need a bigger hat.

Happy Monday,
all you beautiful people!


  1. OOO I love those spider eyes! I'm a list maker too, in fact I keep a notebook in my purse for those emergency lists... what to wear for Halloween, the best kid books, doll ideas,great dragon names...the important stuff!

  2. Oh my gosh! What a talent! That has to be the best spooky quilt in all the world. Keep it up!

  3. Hi Jo! Love the spider babe! Got any ideas for Winter?

  4. Jo,
    I LOVE the masked spider. And the quilt is absolutely incredible.
    Re: Mondays: your take on them is really inspiring!
    Cindy~Thimbleprims Studio

  5. I always look forward to seeing your new items. They are visually stunning and clever by design. Kudos!

  6. Another Monday lover. Great!! However, your Mondays seem to be FAR more productive than mine. I usually just plow on in without cleaning up the previous week's mess. And I do think that a list would be a good idea.

    One day I shall reform.

    I have to say my favorite of the bunch is the wistful looking vampire bat in the lower left. He/she looks too sweet to be a dangerous bloodsucker.

  7. Anonymous9/14/2009

    Perhaps I ought to break my work list down into weekly chunks and start Monday with a clear workspace? :D

    Sounds better than how I work right now ;)

  8. I'm a bit of a list-maker too, but nowhere near as organized as you....I'm more of an intermittant list-maker - I do it when I REALLY need to remember things (or else!)
    I do periodically tidy my studio, however. I can't seem to think straight if it's too messy. As for planning new work - that is an always ongoing activity. A sketchbook is never far away, so ideas can be jotted down wherever I am.

  9. You know, you've given me a whole new take on list-making and Mondays. Unfortunately it's Tuesday. Six more sleeps to go...

  10. The spider is another fun one. I love the virtual quilt, can imagine it as a real quilt with applique, it would be stunning.


  11. (Note: Sometimes the word verification things we have to copy create such funny lil' pretend words, don't they? Today, mine is 'delepuri' and the writer in me is tempted to USE that 'word' in a story.) NOW! Your quilt! It's absolutely AMAZING! Jo, you have been one of 2 people who've turned me into a real Halloween lover! Never paid much attention to it before this year! So THANK YOU! And I have ALWAYS loved spiders! Yours is wonderful! From one list maker to another - keep MAKING those lists because if they result in these beautiful creations, they are doing their jobs and THEN some!

  12. You really are one of the amazing art doll artist's I have ever seen! So inspiring all of the time! Thanks for sharing and keep amazing us!

  13. Oh, yes! It's the first time I can leave a comment here...I didn't understand the "google account" so I did my inscription this morning and it's run, cool!
    I like your work and I 'm found of this "spider"...It's beautifull, "bravo" (in french)
    Have a nice day.

  14. Your virtual menagerie quilt is awesome.
    Love your New Masked Spider doll too. When I visit your blog my day becomes happier. I love your art.
    I just received your pattern the Birds and B's.Can't wait to work on it. :)

  15. Love the virtual quilt Joee! Such faces!


  16. You know the above photo with all the Halloween goodies you've done would be a great Halloween quilt. :)


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