A Masked Managerie

First of all-
I'm so honored by all the entries so far into my giveaway!
Thank you all, and thanks for spreading the word!
Meanwhile, back on The Cart-
Three new masked chitlins
joined the menagerie this week.
That makes 12 so far this year.
(But who's counting??? Me, apparently.)
I just had to bring them all together to make a little virtual quilt of sorts.
Oh, I'm just getting started! They're just too fun.
My favorite part to paint is the face, and these dollies get two.
How can I resist them?

I do need some more Halloweeny archetypes though.
(Not that I couldn't make a hundred more punkinheads, but variety is the spice of life.
And I like my life spicy! OK, Not too spicy.)
I've got a few more designs up my sleeve. Although, lots and lots of my designs never make it past the sketch book. I just tried (rather unsuccessfully I might add) to make a spider face. It was bad. I guess I'll try again. Spiders seem a Halloween necessity, don't you think?


  1. Wouldn't that make a cool poster? I'm going now to bid on the pumpkin one with the cat. Our new kitty, Jasper, is that exact color!

  2. They ALL want to come and live at my house. They told me so. Tee-hee!

  3. WOW!!...fantastic fantasy !...I would love to visit your mind ...LOL

  4. Maybe crows!? These are all wonderful, I love the flames on the devils!

  5. Yes, yes - PLEASE! I LOOOOVE spiders! I hope you can find a way to represent this poor dear critter that so many fear. And I beg to differ with the commentor above. All your dolls want to come and live with ME! LOL! Seriously Jo, one of the HIGHLIGHTS of my day is to check out your blog and see what amazing new things your mind has not only IMAGINED but created! WOW!

  6. Always a treat when you guys start doing Halloween full force!!! Yay!

    Chris (-:

  7. Jo how about a ghost or ghoul...got any of those on your list???

  8. Oh yes, you need a spider, a ghosty, and a frankenstein too. Maybe a bride for frank?

  9. Love this group Jo!!! TERRIFIC!!

  10. My favorite costume as a child was a gypsy.

  11. don't forget a little vampire......

  12. spider: round face, simple fangy things in the center near where a nose would be, and COMPLEX EYES! remember those from science class? an eyeball filled with other round eyes...then the 8 legs curling out from the head...stunning look, don't you think??

  13. An evening of Halloween delights...even the Hallowwwwing coyotes agree......perfect timing on their part. Love all the chitlins.....especially the devil with his shirt on fire.

  14. You two just amaze me! Love everything!


  15. Wowee, very kewl. Your painting is so amazing.
    ps..for a couple of days now it feels like Lincoln City here, well,,no ocean, but cool weather again.

  16. Holy MACKEREL! I love that quilt. Poster. Thing. Super!

    Well, some of us do like Bats. Dracula, say, where's the Wolfman? The Mummy? I just adore this time of year and your artwork -- always fantastic -- picks up an even more vibrant appeal.

    Candace in Athens.

  17. I love these Halloween ideas! So fantastic!

  18. Last but not least...amazing artwork!!! And obviously a generous soul...thank you for all of that and inspiring so many!!!


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