Show & Tell

I love it when people who make stuff using our patterns
let me see their finished work.
Theresa used this Birds & B's pattern. . .
. . . and put her own unique twist on it,
turning it into a yummy Autumn feast for the eyes!
Isn't it cool? Love those crows.
You can see more of it, and her other creations, at her Etsy shop.
I got another e-mail recently from Michele.
She used this Storybook Girls pattern. . . . . .and made it using rug hook, needle-punch, and applique techniques.
So much wonderful texture!
If anybody else out there has finished a project from one of our patterns, and would like to play Show & Tell, please do!
I'd like to start a picture gallery of finished projects on our website, as soon as I figure out what to call it. Does Crafter's Corner sound too cheesy?


  1. What wonderful versions and love how she hooked up your design.


  2. Seeing the work created with your patterns must give you a warm feeling of pride. All these pieces are spectacular. LOve the button embellishmemnt and the rug has such a different look about it doesn't it. Absolutely beautiful.

  3. Anonymous8/08/2009

    Yes, that would be toooo cheesy.
    What great fun to see what another artist can do with your design. Both of those are a treat, but I have a soft spot for hooked rugs!

  4. Lovely stuff ! Mind you , it's easier with your designs , I'm sure . Hope your finger gets better quickly and that it doesn't hamper you much .

  5. Love the hooked rug! Great to see what others do with your patterns!

  6. Jo thank you so much for posting my version of your lovely "Bird & B's" painted quilt. I feel so honored that you would blog about it. Plus the rug version by Michele is amazing too. I just love your patterns and your style. :)



  7. Popping in 2 say a belated SpOOky hello!

    Chris :-)

  8. Will you be posting more of your patterns for sale?


  9. Very cool! I like to see what people do with the free Izzy pattern I posted, too. I love the autumn version of your birds quilt pattern - that's one of my favorites of your cheater quilt patterns. :-)



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