Boo Boo Boo

Inspired by those old German die-cuts and turn-of-the-century postcards, these three masked tidbits are my very favorites this week.
You can see more of them
(and even buy them if you'd like)

The following is a pitiful tale of loss and injury.
Read on at your own risk.

I spent last Monday making 15 of those aforementioned little masks. Not the actual masks, mind you, just the design and template for Dylan to cut out of wood. I want to make at least a couple every week (on account of I love them so much), so we started with those three. Yesterday I went to retrieve the rest of the mask designs for Dylan to cut out the next 3, and they were nowhere to be found! We looked and looked. And pouted, truth be told. But alas, they have disappeared into the chaos that is my studio. Insert much crying and gnashing of teeth here.

That same day I broke the tip of my ring finger. I'm using that fact as an excuse to not do the major cleaning of my studio that is long over due.
So, boo.

I hope you all are having a better day.


  1. You are a genius! Love them all!

  2. Any excuse not to have to clean is good, but a broken finger probably isnt.
    I love the masks and your painted heads are delightful.

  3. Hope your finger feels better soon. I love those little masks. They remind me of the old time masks and party favors that kids used to play with on Halloween oh so many years ago.

  4. Ouch. Surely, surely there are many more inventive AND painless methods for getting out of studio cleaning (again)? I know I've used at least forty, although I admit the time I thought I was pulling down a sleeping bag from an above-head height shelf and then it turned out to be snuggling up to a BRONZE artwork was probably the one with the most, er, impact. My foot is throbbing just typing about it.

  5. Sorry about your finger ouch! Your new creations are enchanting and unique! Love them! :) Becca

  6. The new pieces are amazing and I hope you find those drawings because I think you've got a great thing going. :) I hope your finger heals fast.... not so you can clean mind you but so you can create without difficulty. :)



  7. When you start losing things in your studio it may be a sign...I know from personal experience! :) I love the masks, the whole concept of masks and how we all wear them from time to time is fascinating and these are all marvelous. Here's hoping your finger heals quickly!

  8. Oh gosh, my studio is a disaster at the moment!

    I love these pieces though - wish I had more money!

  9. Love the masks and would be a great idea for ones that you could switch around at the different holidays.
    I broke my middle right finger years ago and it never healed right, but I keep using it;)


  10. Jo these masks are a wonderful idea.
    I love looking at all your work.
    I sure can relate to the feeling of desperation when I can't find something in the studio. In my case it is usually right under my nose.

  11. As my grandkids would say, "Poor you! You have an oooowie!" Hope it heals quickly! And you will find what you are looking for when you least expect it. I adore your art, Jo! I pop over here at every opportunity to see your latest creations. I SWEAR, I don't believe you could POSSIBLY sleep. You must be awake 24/7 making or at LEAST thinking up these wonderful critters!


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