Revisiting Wonderland

We made a little Alice in Wonderland dolly this week.
The Cheshire Cat keeps her company.
She's just a little bitty thing,
but she sure can get herself into some mischief.
Alice, like Little Red Riding Hood,
is a friend I find myself visiting over and over.
So I thought I'd share some of her incarnations over the past few years.
As a child, books were my friends and my saving grace.
I'm forever grateful to the storytellers among us.


  1. I really got into Alice too... back in my youngster 'Hippie' days..hehe.

    I do so love your interpretations of her. So incredibly imaginitive!

    Ever think about doing any J.R.R.Tolkein characters? I would LOVE to see what you can do with them.


  2. Love all your different versions.
    I hope someday that I can come up with something to create that is my own style, still working on it.


  3. Jo,
    I love seeing all the variations of Alice. Each is different but yet all have that certain unique Alice face that is most definitely Cart Before the Horse:) Awesome.

  4. They are all positively fantastic!! I have a thing for Alice and all of her storybook friends. I dressed up as Alice for Halloween the year before last...so much fun! Your cheshire cat is superb!

  5. WOW. Are you really this GOOD?! Evidently you are. Wow. Such talent. I'm in love with every one of them. What a great post!

  6. YYyyyyyeeeeeees!! More PROOF that I am not the only human on earth who would use a FLAMINGO with their Alice doll!! I love you. REALLY love you.

  7. Everytime I visit you, I seem to stop breathing...LOL Absolutely freaking amazing...I also just read your article in CPS...Fantastic you guys are! You make me want to be a better artist and you guys really inspire me...more than you know! Have a beautiful Holiday Weekend!

  8. These are all absolutely wonderful.

    I really appreciate those last two lines. I am a book freak, especially of childrens' books.

    As far as storytellers go, we should revere the ones we know and cultivate the next generation.

  9. So many lovely Alices...and so much talent too. :)

  10. oh, i love all these little takes on alice! i'd love to see your version of the lot of animals at the caucus-race.

  11. Love all you Alice dolls. My favorite is the one on the green chair.
    I just made a painitng of Alice...isn't she great!

  12. These are so fun. Thanks for sharing. Books were also real friends to me along with the characters and Alice features prominently among them all. I think the Cheshire Cat is why I love felines so much.
    What a wonderful history here, Jo!
    Have a great week from
    Candace in Athens.

  13. I love how eveything that can be identified has it's own culture: what makes Alice Alice? the colour blue? what shades of blue? what length of hair?... I love how you make a symphony of all the possibilities. wonderful!


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