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I like to pick a color scheme when I start painting my week's projects. That way I don't overwhelm myself with so very many choices and become paralyzed with the possibilities of it all. That, and they all look pretty when sitting together for their end-of-the-week portrait.
. . .
Can you guess what this week's color choice was?
OK, I admit it, I cheat sometimes. However, being that I am the maker of my own rules, I let myself off the hook. Plus, I do enjoy the exceptions that make the rules.
A quick look around my neck of the woods and it's all too easy to see why yellow has shown up so obviously this week.
Scotch Broom is in bloom. It is the non-indigenous face of Spring here on the Oregon Coast. Oh sure, it's pretty, and it even smells lovely, but it's a deceptive fiend, inflicting it's perilous sniffy sneezy-ness on all allergy sufferers in it's path.
Still, I can't help but like it a little bit. That's my constant companion, Tuzy (aka Tuesday the Wonder Fluff), posing for the camera.


  1. We have a lot of those bushes in our area too, wonder why I can't breath lately;)


  2. LOVE the idea of a color scheme!! You chose a GREAT one!!

  3. yellow - how wonderful... I think on springtime in Irland...

  4. Your yellows are lovely. And with a doggy name like that, I would always have to use it in full! OK, possibly except when out in public.

  5. I can't even pick a favorite this week! Maybe Twinkle?
    Maybe the Seahorse Donkey? Love 'em all!!!

  6. Bright perky yellows in your neck of the woods...awesome..

    Sonia ;)

  7. YELLOW = SPRINGTIME!!! What beautiful photos! I can't wait to check out your listings this week!
    Wanted to let you know that I mailed my Fabric Squares today, and I tucked in $3 for your expenses. I hope that's enough. Let me know if you need more. Blessings, Penny

  8. your companion is beautiful! I really like your constant flow of inspiration. You always amaze with each new direction!

  9. Lovely photos again ! If I'm to send my squares off tomorrow , I need your address . Perhaps you wouldn't mind sending it to this email address c.keyzer2@chello.nl ?

  10. Tuzy is sweet! Very cute!

  11. Yellow is such a happy colour and it is so complementary to other shades - as evidenced in your work! Is Tuzy a sheltie or a collie? We used to have a collie (also very fluffy).

  12. Awww, Tuzy is a cutie! I definitely have a favorite of yours this week & it's that sweet-faced sea donkey. I'm a sucker for an outsider. (That twinkly star girl sure pulls at the heart strings too.)


  13. Jo -- being the rule-maker does have it's advantages, yes?! (love that!)
    Took me three tries to post your blog this morning, but I'm no quitter! lol.. love all the Yellows. They're just fab!


  14. Jo I just love the color combinations you pick... they're always so beautiful. :)

  15. Hi again...IantheBloom (-AKA Chuffy Krumhorn-) I gave up trying to post with my old Blogname/Password.Kept fogetting the original(caps/spaces/etc).Even made new combos & forgot them too *sigh*.
    I read your blog entries daily -it's the closest thing to religion in my life :)
    SO, I decided to start fresh using my Etsy name (-and an *unforgettable* password, DANG IT!) so I can actually comment.
    I adore your soon-to-be-revealed Greenies, and though I am saddened not to have won Twinkle -from the "Lellows" (FYI that's Yellows, in Calum-speak) I am eagerly awaiting Fence Cat!
    Again, I shout out in this chorus of adoring voices: You people Rock!
    "You people" includes your children.So glad you guys procreated.

  16. Glorious yellows in this post! I love the photo mosaic of all your enchanting creations. As for Tuesday the Wonder Fluff....isn't he gorgious?


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