Little Kid Art

Looking for a kid-sized sweater for a chilly little visitor this past weekend, led me to the trunk that I keep my kids' memorabilia in. I have this big ole trunk that I made some years back to keep and protect the stories written, awards won, birthday cards from grandma, and of course, my very favorite thing, their Little Kid Art. Many of my favorites have been scanned, framed, and now grace my studio walls. I thought I'd share some of them with you.
. . . . .
This one's a "very big tarantula spider" made by my youngest when he was itty bitty. I can almost still see his sweet little hands gripping that green marker and carefully counting spider eyes.
This happy redhead was made by my eldest when she was barely 3.
At 16, she continues to be an amazing artist.
I LOVE this one-spotted three-legged dog.
And just look at that sad tiger face!
Don't you just love kid art??


  1. My little ones are just now at the stage where blobs have become circles, and circles are people, and the people have faces that have transformed from grimaces to full grins! I love every little artsy tidbit, and now with your sugestion, I have that special purpose for great grandpa's maple trunk!

  2. Those are fun. Framed they'd fit right in with my decor. So ya'll passed on some of that talent, huh?

  3. What fun...kid art is so great and when framed on the wall it melts my heart...so priceless! Have a great week :) Jackie

  4. Anonymous11/17/2008

    Definitely love kid art!

  5. I so love kids art!!! My son had quite an artist talent when he was little, until his right brain took over! But I have lots of art of his when he was little and savor each one of them.

  6. I love the directness of kids' art. These are exceptional. It's amazing how they catch the feeling so easily, isn't it? I'm not surprised, though, that your kids are such good artists!

    I was just going through some of my son's pictures with him the other day. I can tell he really appreciated that I saved them.


  7. Amazing kiddo art! I love the princess:)

  8. I do love kid art! The spider is my absolute favorite.
    :) Stephanie

  9. Oh yes!!!! These are fantastic!! They must be framed! Pam

  10. Anonymous11/30/2008

    Yes, I LOVE kid art! With parents like you guys, I'd love to see what the kids are up to in 10 years...I'm sure it will be great.


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