Glitter Days

Oh yes, it's that time of year again. Time to bust out the most tenacious craft supply of them all: GLITTER!

Once it leaves the confines of it's sealed container, all bets are off. Just when you think you've seen the last of it, there it is again, adorning your face with its disco magic.

To say that Dylan is not a fan of the sparkly stuff would be an understatement. His machismo is already compromised by the fact that he plays with dollies for a living, but having runaway pixie dust sparkling on his otherwise manly cheeks is just too much.
But even Dylan agrees that a proper Snow Princess needs a bit of the shiny stuff for that extra frosty touch.

We've had frosty car windows a time or two in the past month, but no real cold yet. It stays pretty mild here on the Oregon coast, so I'm afraid REAL snow people have been thus far out of the question. Maybe this year we'll make that trip up into the mountains that we keep talking about. Obstacles always present themselves though. Like our complete and total ingnorance regarding those enigmatic snow chains. Or a notable lack of shoes that aren't sandles.

Oh well, at least we can amuse ourselves with the antics of pretend snowpeople. And bonus, no runny noses!


  1. Of course every snow princess needs a little glitter frost to be a snow princess! Though I'm with Dylan when it comes to glitter, it's a big hassle and not so macho!
    Smidge and the Raven are my favorites this week. An elf riding on a raven, that's just genius!

  2. She is beautiful! You amaze me so...

  3. Bonjour Jo! I LOOOOOVE all of your art, every piece is so preciouos and poetic and dreamy. Your Snow Princess is just perfect! Great, great doll ... Take care, LuLu

  4. My boys used to always complain about going to school with glitter on them! But you're right, sometimes you just have to use some and the heck with the consequences!

  5. I want to lick her but I know that I would get those nasty little glass glitter cuts all over my tongue if I did. Man that hurts when I do that...................LOL!

    She is absolutely precious Jo!!! I want her, I need her.........I wish I was a wealthy woman! Waaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!

    Your dollies ALWAYS make me smile!!


  6. Oh just lovely.....the glitter does add that extra needed touch. Hope your having a great week! Take care, Jackie

  7. Jo,
    Your pieces this week are wonderful as always. I've been bidding and it lasts for all of 5 minutes so there are many others that love your things as I do!! I will get something one of these auctions!!

  8. Tell Dylan to get over it!! HA! Love the glitter. Pam

  9. I'm loving the glitter too Jo...but my hubby is with Dylan. It drives him crazy when non-glittery household items begin to sparkle! I guess it's just a necessary evil...in fact, I'm getting ready to glitter a few pieces this morning! Here's to glitter everywhere!

    All your pieces are wonderful this week too....as usual!

    Have a great week!

  10. Joee,your Snow Princess is so very dreamy!She has the sweetest face,but then again,all of your dollies do!I look forward each week,to seeing what you guys come up with!

  11. Hi Joee ~ Lovely new piece and glitter just makes a thing!!! '-)

    Have a great week lady.

    Chris :-)


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