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Why do I have the poppy, hairsprayed, keyboardy stylings of Oingo Boingo in my head?

Here's my latest Cheater Quilt. I call them this because I love quilts, especially the old Southern picture quilts, with all the intricate applique' work. But I've no patience for such things, plus I stick my fingers too too too much when allowed to handle sharp needles. So Dylan does the quilting and I stick with my blunt paintbrushes.

I did a little Cheater Quilt tutorial awhile back, if'n you wanna try for yourself. (Using your OWN designs, of course.)

Here are a few more I've done over the past year:

I've really enjoyed making these. And maybe someday I'll make my own version of a story quilt. I'd better get busy collecting memories worthy of commemorating. What's your story, and how do you tell it?


  1. I love your cheater quilts! That's how i fist discovered your blog and I've been hooked ever since! You have some great ideas and quilts here.
    My story is I'm a mom and teacher who loves to create. I'll try any craft. That's half my problem I like to do way too many types of crafts and I only have a little time. I want to do a cheater quilt too.

  2. God, those are great. Inspirational!

  3. I just don't see how you & Dylan can create SO MANY beautiful things ALL the TIME...you need to teach a course on time-management for artists in your next career!!! LOL '-p)

    Beautiful Joee & Dylan style quilts!

    SpOOky Hugs,
    Chris :-)

  4. I adore your cheaters...They are precious! I suppose I am the complete opposite, obsessed with detail and all those tiny stitches no one but me even notices. I have an Etsy shop now...there's a link through my blog. I'd be interested to know what you think... -Sara

  5. *WANT*

    I love all of your cheater quilts!

  6. I tried to pick a favorite and I love every one! But I guess the tree ones are favorites. And Little Red and the Angel. Wow is right!

  7. Just gorgeous, Joee!! Quilting is something I've wanted to try for a very long time....You're an inspiration!

    ~ Carolee

  8. So I've been seeing your name all around town and my friend, Summer from Artfulife, is always talking about you all. Well, I finally stopped by for a visit and I am captivated. You guys do beautiful, intricate, creative, jaw-dropping work. I will be back!

  9. Wow, Jo. You're both spectacularly talented. You know that don't you? Those quilts are dazzling & even more so when viewed all at once. Impressive!

    Thanks for swinging by my blog!

    Your little mummy this week has the sweetest face ever. I wanted to scoop her up & pinch those pinky cheeks. Oohh & I've got my eye on that rocking goat. He just tickles me. I bet there's some serious pickin' & grinnin' going on in your house this week.

    Have a great one!


  10. These are really fabulous, your work is really beautiful. But I think you are doing the work a disservice calling them cheater quilts. or maybe it is the idea that a painted quilt would be considered a cheater quilt that I object to, since this is an opinion I run into in the traditional quilt community about painted quilts, alluding to the idea that they are less valuable or easier to make than traditional quilts. I am sure you spent as much or more time painting this than someone could have pieced it and it would not have had all the beautiful painted vintage quality that you have mastered in your work.

    The painting is wonderful and the folk art touches of the large stitches and buttons make them so charming. Please consider them painted art quilts.

  11. I LOVE these. I love all of your work. What a creative spirit!

  12. I have been a fan of EVERYTHING you do - and these are included!

    YOU ROCK ~~ amazingly!!!



  13. Joee, they are all MAGNIFICENT!!
    I love your bird girl. Miss your sunny personality on PFATT. Pam

  14. Ohhh, I'm so happy. I've found heaven! These are wonderful. I love the quilts, and everything else I've seen so far. Just had to comment on the quilts. They make me want to drag out the fabric. They are so inspiring. You two do good stuff! I can't say enough! thanks for sharing. PJ

  15. I too love your quilts. I've had a yearning lately to try some crazy quilts for my kids...adding embellishments. Seems about the easiest. And something they'd appreciate. I'll be trying cheater quilts too. I know my mom & sis won't understand them, so I won't even bother trying to give them one. But I want to make one for myself. And one for my kids even though I'm not sure how they'll react. I want to try a baby one, although I would recommend it be hung and not used. I'd worry about a baby sucking on it, even without buttons or anything...But I find them totally charming. I hope I can do justice to any one I create compared to yours, Jo. Thanks for all the tips and patterns. They're most appreciated! ~Karen

  16. Bloody hell Joee, these are amazing!
    I want one... in fact I might have to commission one to hang in our home on wheels :)
    X R


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