Anybody else sick of political ads?

Left, Right, Blue, Red, Stripes, Plaid, or Polka-Dots. . . Make sure you get counted. . I don't talk politics here. I don't really care which way you sway, Donkey or Elephant. There are plenty of brilliant and good people on either side of that imaginary political fence. However, I am grateful to live in a country where our voices are allowed to be heard. I know that so many brave people before us sacrificed so much to give us this voice. So be sure to register and vote.
Maybe you'll even get one of those
cute little "I voted!" stickers.


  1. Aw, you oughta make an "I voted" doll. Susan B. Anthony?

  2. Just got my voter registration card in the mail yesterday...It's about time I voted! I posted a funny article on my blog about voting Quiltocratic...any fabric lover would find it amusing!

  3. All I know is my views haven't changed since I was 21...and now I seem to be from another planet! ah well...I've got my writing and sculpting, no matter what! ~Karen

  4. I got both of them, Jo (weeeeeeeeeeey :) )...as I agree completely that there were, are and hopefully always will be great people belonging to both parties. It is going to be my first real presidential election where I can vote. I became a citizen of the USA only 2 years ago, and where I came from (Russia) voting has always been nothing but a farce.

  5. Oh! I'm so happy that you won them!

    I was hoping they'd get to stay together. Despite their differences they've become close friends :)

    Thank you for writing. I love knowing where my art goes.

    Hugs- Jo

  6. Great pieces!! I like the donkey myself:)

  7. Hehe... I think I might have a bit more hope for the government if the ballot paper choices actually were for your lovely donkey and elephant!
    They should have bells on :)

  8. These are just wonderful, Jo!!!!!


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