Wheeeeeeeee! Dress-up time!

Here's the latest in a series of masked kidlettes
that I've been playing with lately:
I've been having too much fun
making these little bits of Halloweeny cuteness.
Even though they are all now
scattered about the country,
I thought they needed to be
brought together to have a little parade.

Who shall I mask next?

Hmmmm. . . I haven't done a Frankenstein yet. . . .or a Wolfman. . . . . .and of course, Jack-O-Lanterns have so very many possibilities.

One place we lived when I was a kid had very limited trick-or-treating resources. There were only about 6 houses within walking distance. So my brother and I were ghosts, you know the kind made out of sheets with holes cut out for eyes. Only our sheets covered our Hobo costumes (complete with charcoal 5 o'clock shadow and a little bandanna bundle tied to the end of a long stick). So once we had exhausted our meager options, we cleverly removed our sheeted exteriors and became new trick-or-treaters.


I don't think Hobo costumes are too popular (or politically correct) nowadays. Come to think of it, I don't see too many little girls sporting 5 o'clock shadow either.


  1. Tonight at dinner Zoe was sporting a "bean sauce" beard. She honestly looked like the bearded lady. However when it comes to costumes I usually use last years dance performance outfit. Maybe someday I will have the time to make cute costumes again for my girls. I love the little masked kids. Have you ever seen Meet me in St. Louis? It's one of my favorite movies and they have a great old time Halloween scene in the movie. It seriously makes our Halloween of the day seem pretty tame and lame. Anyway your hobo costumes made me think of that movie.

  2. Your masked friends are so cute! I really like the jack-o-lantern mask. I think you need a Frankenstein mask and a ghost too. The zebra on the z alphabet block and Percival Pumpkin are gorgeous too.
    I was never big on Halloween until I had my daughter. Now I love it! We have a great time decorating and dressing up for Halloween.

  3. FUN!!! Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!! :)

    Love the little masquerade masks!

    Hope this note finds you well.


  4. How cute Joee, the last one is my favorite. :> )
    Yep, hobo costumes were big when I was a kid too. This was well before all the fancy Halloween makeup that's out there now. Heck, I think we charred the end of a cork and rubbed it on our jawline for that 5 O'clock shadow look. :> )

  5. I love these little totem-ettes! So original. Pam


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