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Sea horses are very cool, but what about the sea donkeys? Are they looked down upon by the thoroughbred seahorses? Dismissed as beasts of burden? The jack-asses of Mermaid Land? Are they mopey and stubborn, or do they flick their donkey ears defiantly, daring the seahorses to underestimate their strength of character?


  1. Do the little guys like to dine on brine or thistles? That is what I would like to know. They are very cute! I love the little pumpkin girl on the crow. She is so awesome!

    P.S. Thanks for adding Artfulife to your links, I am honored!

  2. I love your little sea beasts of burden! How cute! I love how you take something ordinary and put a twist on it. I get excited to see what you'll create next! My grandfather was a tall tale teller and told about his time in the navy during WWII. He told me that he would jump off the ship and ride on the sea horse. I believed that story until I was 12 and found out that sea horses are just a few inches tall! Your little sea donkeys made me think of that story.

  3. Dear quirky little sea donkey!

  4. I just had to tell ya this post just made me laugh out loud! Joee, you have such a wonderful imagination and sense of humor (did I mentions HUGE TALENT? !!!!
    xo Nan

  5. Joe, please head over to my blog. There is a little surprise for you waiting.

  6. This little sea donkey is so sweet & creative. You've been creating SPECTACULAR art. Your mustachioed strongman was beyond creative & the skellie on the unicycle, just WOW. You two are a such a talented duo!


  7. Your work is stunning. Each piece is a surprise and delight, and not predicted by the last. Even pieces that appear at first to have some ordinary detail, don't. ie - that row of buttons is a grove of trees... In a sea of craftspeople, you are truly an artist. Thanks for giving me such a delicious dilemma - How do I choose?

    Seahorses were a special favorite of mine as a child. This one looks like he has such a long tale to whisper in a child's ear, over the course of years.




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