Whew! What a month!

The craziness around the ole Cart seems to be settling down **knock on wood**. We're mostly moved in to our new place. The studio is functioning, although not pretty yet, so no pics for you.

It's good to get back into my working routine. I've missed my daily playmates. OK, so they're actually inanimate objects, if you wanna get all technical about it. But still, we have fun together, my dollies and me. Poor Dylan, his work space is much closer to mine now, and not separated by a door at all. This means more gallivanting half-finished dollies dancing on his head while he tries to sew. He just sighs a well-practiced long-suffering sigh, and tries to ignore them.

The new venue also has those creative juices flowing like mad, so I've got too many ideas racing around in my head. Don't worry, I'll capture most of them in a sketchbook so they don't get out of hand and do any real damage.
. . .
I just can't pick a favorite this week.
Remy here is just such a cutie, with her funny little grin. And no, that's NOT a clown she's holding, thank you very much. While her dolly does have an odd sense of humor, he most certainly doesn't have a scary big red nose.
. . .
But then there's Leona, who comes with the promise of granted wishes. Plus, how can you not love that sheepish little face? Oh, she looks shy alright, but her and Cinnamon down there can get into a world of mischief. Sure, Cinnamon thinks up the naughtiness, but Leona is easily talked into things, and of course she has wings so there is no out-of-bounds.

. . .

So you can see why picking a favorite would be difficult. And then there's the fact that I myself collect Little Red Riding Hoods, so this tiny pocket-sized set was automatically a forerunner. While I was certainly tempted to keep them for myself, Red has dreams of seeing the world. (Wolf just goes along with whatever Red wants, being a surprisingly agreeable fellow).


  1. I was completely captivated by Cinnamon but the pocket sized Red and pal are wonderful too! It's wonderful to see your new work.

  2. JO.....I would say Leona is my favorite although, with you work it's so hard to chose...I just love everything.

    Glad you are getting settled into the new home.


  3. Joee,your dollies are so adorable this week(as always)!I noticed right away,that Remy and Leona had particularly sweet faces!I bet you are so glad to be back into a routine!That's how I always feel when school starts back!I LOVE Little Red,too.I'm so glad you guys' move went well.

  4. As usual, all of your creations are wonderful! My daughter saw the girl with her doll and exclaimed "Oh Mommy, she's beautiful!" Even at four she has good taste.

  5. While I love Remy's beautiful blues and browns, Leona has won my heart with those long legs and, of course, the wishes.

    All of lovely, as always!


  6. LOVE the new creations!! Glad to hear you're settling into the new digs too. It's always fun to set up a new studio. :)

  7. Joee,
    Glad you are settling in. I LOVE all your dollies, but Red and the Wolfie are my favorites! :0)


  8. great work,I´m,as the french will say:''bouche-bee''!Congratulations!


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