Happy Mother's Day

Mothers come in so many forms. Today we honor them all!

Mom's and Mommy's and Ma's. And sometimes even Pa's. Teachers and nurses and mentors, neighbors and babysitters. Mothers-in-law and mother outlaws. Big sisters, Grandmas, Aunties, friends, step-moms, bio-moms, adopted moms, and foster moms. We honor you all.

Mothering is a way of loving, and any who get it and any who give it are blessed. Today we give thanks for all the mothers out there, whatever name they may wear.


  1. I got a Mother's Day e-mail from a past babysitter. Little did we know when she walked through the door that first time that we were getting a kind of daughter. Your last paragraph says it all, Jo. And you're such a wonderful artist, and this post helps me remember how often you celebrate love. :-)

  2. What a wonderful collection!

  3. wowowowow I'm blown away~

    High-5 Buttonhead!

  4. These are cute as always. Glad to hear you are settling in.


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