Unexpected Gifts

I'm feeling mighty blessed
on this fine day.
* * *
I've recieved not one, but TWO very unexpected gifts in the past couple of weeks. The first was this wonderful tag made by Lori. I had bid on this amazing tag on ebay but was outbid one of my favorite customers. Poo. Ever graceful in defeat, I quietly pined away for my lost tag. Amidst all this quiet pining I got a package in the mail from Lori. Huh? What could it be? Imagine my surprise when I opened the envelope only to discover my long last tag! Included was a note saying it was from Debbie (the aforementioned fave customer). I was floored. And more than a little teary-eyed. Thank you, Debbie!

Then, as if my faith in humanity wasn't already restored enough, I received yet another gift! All wrapped in prettiness was a true treasure-
a most wonderful addition to my growing family of Reds. Her name is Mica Red, after her fabulously talented creator. Mica knew I loved her, so she just sent her to me! I was shocked and truly touched by this show of generosity and kindness. Thank you so much, Mica!

Of course, the Reds wasted no time in gathering around to welcome their new sister.

Mica Red is feeling a little overwhelmed with all the attention. Naturally, Squeaker Red pushed to the front to get a good look.

Biscuit Red had to climb on a basket to see around pushy ole Squeaker. Nutmeg Red loved her new sister immediately, but Topsy Red is being her usual drama queen self and demanding some attention.


  1. Oh Joee!!! I want to come over and play dollies!!! What a wonderful collection you have going there!!!!

    Huge Hugs,

  2. You must have been so touched by the wonderful gifts you received from your very special, thoughtful friends!


  3. By the way, that little squeaker Red is to die for!!!


  4. You are sooo welcome Joee.. she looks like she will fit in mighty fine with the other gals... you made the whole story so cute !!! I hope your collection will continually grow !!! All of the Reds are so sweet !!! Enjoy !!! I also recieved your gift to me Joee, and I LOVE it so much !!! I want the dang original too !! hee hee, did you sell that piece ???I'd like to see how you make a sock monkey doll. did you like my versions of a vintage sock monkey ?? Peng Peng was a huge inspiration too !!! Well I will post this on my Sock Monkey Blog and my Garb-oodles Soup one and share it !!! It is just sooo wonderful... You have your Red Collection and me my Vintage Sock monkey's thanks again dear friend !! Mica

  5. Hi Joee! Wow you lucky girl! Not just 1.....but 2 gifts! And what a sweetheart Debbie was and Mica too!

    I knew that you would get teary when your unexpected tag arrived. I know that I would have also.

    What wonderful birthday surprises!
    Hugs! *Lori

  6. What wonderful goodies!! Lucky you!! Enjoy your dollies...have a great day! Jackie

  7. I love seeing them and aren't they quite a crew? I giggled at your drama queen Red. ;-)

  8. Nice friends are such a treasure to have! Your little tag reminded me a lot of the drawing I am working on for Eshal. Her jacket happens to be red too!

  9. Joee - you are soo lucky to get that wonderful doll - I own one of Mica´s dolls too !


  10. Oh my, what a fabulous collection. Love them!

  11. Joee ~ Happy belated birthday AND hope it was DELIGHTFUL! :-D)

    Spooky Chris :)

  12. Joee, what a fun blog you have! Love the Red Sisters story book!



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