Count me in!

I'm joining in on this wonderful project by Monica Magness at Girl Gone Thread Wild. Each participating artist is making a 2x2 inch square to be incorporated into the final piece. Looks like lots of folks are participating!
I'll post my square as soon as I get it done.


  1. HOORAY! So glad you're joining, looking forward to seeing your square.

  2. Oh boy, I've admired your work for a couple years now so of course I'm very eager to see your contributing square and am very Xcited to have you in our group. :) Please post your square to me by March 1. I'll treat your creation with the greatest of care... Happy day to you, Monica :)

  3. Hi Joee!

    You and your work have always amazed and inspired me!

    That's why I'm presenting you with the Art Prize & Award! Go to my blog for all of the particulars!



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