Mine! Mine! Mine!

Speaking of threes. . . The one with the red dot on its beak is the girl, on account of she has that red dot on her beak. Thus concludes the extent of my seagull knowledge. If I was a seagull and someone was throwing me something delicious, I'd keep it to myself, not announce it to the world and all my competing seagull rivals. I would not squawk loudly, letting them all know to come take it from me. I could teach a seagull a thing or two.


  1. HEY Joee!!! You're bloggin'??!! YaY!
    I'll be makin' a daily pit stop here for sure!
    Oooooh and I love these gulls! :> )

  2. LOL "I would teach a seagull a thing or two." Oh, how funny. Love the birds!

  3. Jojo,
    "MINE, MINE, MINE!!!" - one of the hilarious quotes from "Finding Nemo"!
    The Film Flam Man,


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