Snapshots from the Studio

Sometimes my work table looks like it belongs in the garage--
more hardware store than art supplies.
Especially when it's time to make a little robot.
This one is heading off to California today.
The drying rack (which is really just a flipped-over box fan on a milk crate) is covered in clouds and pears that want to be finished today. There are also mushrooms, apples, and strawberries in the works but those will have to wait their turn.
The day after tomorrow we're heading off to Walla Walla Washington (that name still makes me giggle) to  get our baby girl all moved into her dorm room. There wil be too many hugs and kisses, and tears. Yes, I'm one of those moms.


  1. What an ingenious drying rack! :-)
    Have fun in Walla Walla!

  2. You are a great artist. I like all your works! Portuguese greetings from Germany!

  3. Jo, I have a feeling this is going to be a very dumb question...

    Do you actually turn the fan on to dry them, or is it an old fan that no longer works, but is the right size and shape with a grid for air drying???

  4. I want to go live at YOUR house even it just means I'm a (rather LARGE) fly on the wall! Jo, you continue to amaze & delight me! How could anyone resist clouds, pears, and robot girlies? And - hey! I could sing with Dylan, too! (I HEARD that, Dylan. I promise - my singing is WAY better than my artwork. LOL!) Have a good time in Walla Walla. I'm cheering on your fabulous daughter in her new school year!

  5. when my 14 yo was little we watched the pbs show arthur one time his little sister was running around saying "walla walla what's a walla walla, walla walla" one of his favorite parts when that episode came on. we also have a kids book could "double trouble in walla walla"! i hope she likes it there, the town so nice they named it twice!!

  6. @ Linda Pinda- Yes, I turn the fan on :)

  7. You have such wonderful designs with such imagination. I am spending the week playing with designs and thinking about ideas.


  8. Okay, you just officially killed me dead with that robot. The mix of fabricness and hardwareness just eats me up...really...


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