Making Halloweeny Treat Boxes

First I take a little paper mache box (you can usually find them at any ole craft store). . .
. . .and paint it with craft paints. Since I'm in Halloween mode, I stuck with the traditional white/black/orange combo.
Then I stain it-- Slop on a watery layer of dark brown paint, then quickly wipe it off with a paper towel. It adds texture and visual interest.
Then I make the little fabric pinwheel thingies.
1) Tear a fabric strip that's 1/2 inch X 9 inches (or so) and do a simple running stitch along one edge with embroidery floss, leaving a thread tail at both ends. 2) Scrunch the fabric strip. 3) Tie in the back. 4) Done. Now I hot glue it to my box top.
Then I pick the perfect button and glue that in the middle.
Then I make more. And more. And more.
Now they're all ready to be filled with something.
What do you want in yours?


  1. Как просто, но как великолепно!! Супер!! Спасибо !!

  2. OH, HOW CUTE! Thank you for the tutorial! I feel BOX-MAKING in my near future! LOL!

  3. ...You're amazing. 'Nuff said. :o)

    ...Candy Corn please...

    ...Thanks! Blessings too...

  4. Great tutorial! Thank you for sharing!!! I would like dark chocolate, orange, M&Ms Please :)

  5. Thanks for sharing your treat box technique with us! Susan

  6. Minature Reeces please! :)

  7. I have aged with watery brown paint and I think it ages better than using the antique medium. I bought a little box, still deciding what to make with it.


  8. ...I'd have to go with the candy corn. Thanks for sharing your techniques--the boxes are scrumptious!

  9. Chocolate. I'm not picky about what kind. What a great tutorial! Thank you for sharing it with us! :) Pam

  10. Candy corn of course! Thanks for the tutorial.

  11. Very cute! Thank you for posting the mini tutorial! :-)

  12. You are so kind and giving!
    I LOVE this tutorial!!!
    if I could have anything...I'd want bits and pieces of stuff like some buttons. a stray earring, some wire, a rusty safety pin, an old key and an old faded postcard....treasures.

  13. These are cute, Jo. The pinwheel on top just makes them.

    Today, I would like chocolate in mine...yesterday it would have been some type of lemon something.



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