More Variations on a Theme

Can you spot the Cat Cone in the works this week?

I'll be putting his final touches on today.

Speaking of using the same template for many creations,
meet Long Tall Sally. (That's what we call this one's template.)
Sally has been many things with wings. . .

a fairy, an angel, a butterfly. . .

This week Sally is all ready for October,
and wearing her witchy finery.

Her pieced skirt was fun to make, raiding my stash for oranges and blacks. It has put me in a quilty mood. But no quilting for me today. Today I breathe life into those shapes up there on top of this post.
And do laundry
(but that sounds so much less romantic, don't you think?)


  1. Jo, so glad I'm not the only one who is doing loads of laundry while trying to accomplish those creative projects too. HAppy weekend to you!

  2. Long Tall Sally is gorgeous no matter what she's wearing. Pity we have to do laundry when the muse is visiting.

  3. I'm ridiculously inspired every time I see your stuff!

  4. You made me pull out my thread and machine....Which means I have to crank through my paperclay stuff so I can find sewing time on Monday! This could get interesting!

  5. I love those fabrics, she's beautiful!

  6. I can't say I have a favorite this time. They are all wonderful with their own unique personalities.


  7. Stone like your dolls! Very like! In the lottery I had no luck. How can you buy! I am from Russia.

  8. It is highly unfair that artists have TO DO LAUNDRY. ;-) I love long tall Sally in her present incarnation. I always love seeing your creations of the week laid out in their unfinished states. It makes me believe that my unfinished things can become something, too!

  9. I love her and all her sisters! I can hardly wait to try the cat cone, once I finish these darn Halloween costumes! I use the witch hat you taught us all the time!

  10. The photos of the long tall dolls would make great cards or prints. they look great together.

  11. Long Tall Sally makes a fabulous witch and her pierced skirt puts her at the height of hallowe'en fashion.

    I agree with Tara, the pics would make wonderful cards and/or prints!

  12. It's REALLY cool how many variations you make from a single pattern/template. LOVE that skirt you gave Ms. Witch! I want a Kai-sized skirt like that. Oh, wait. NO ONE has THAT much fabric. BWAHAHAHAHA! That's fine! I'll just enjoy looking at Ms. Witch's! Jo, you inspire EVERYBODY, you know? THANK YOU for doing that! And LAUNDRY? Sigh. It's like Mother Nature - you just can't control it.

  13. How fantabulous! Love that witchery ditchery do there. Laundry? Fuggedabout it. I am doing enough for everyone in Blogovia, I think... ick.

    Take care.
    Candace in Athens x

  14. Love this Joee!
    She's divine!

  15. Oh my gosh I love that witch! Is it totally fabric - as in doll?! The face is gorgeous. So delicately painted. Very vintage. Did you sell it? Is it listed? Where! I want to see! And yes, all the orange fabrics work great. And what do you mean you're not a quilter - I have a feeling you can do anything!


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