Hearts and Stuff

The day before yesterday, I set out to make ONE thing. Just one.
But that one led to another, which led to another. . .

. . .and before I knew it I was up to my eyeballs in lovey stuff.
I have trouble reining myself in.

I made a bunch of stuff last week too.

Most of them are already spoken for, but there are still a few left in the shop.

I miss hanging out here in Blogland. It seems like all my words are being sucked up by Facebook. (I'm over there a lot if you wanna visit. Here's me.)  I keep meaning to be better at keeping this here correspondence current, but the day keeps having too few hours.


  1. Lovely to see you back in the groove Jo.Love, love this latest work!So glad these sell well.They should and glad they do.
    Have a good rest of the week.

  2. So glad you get easily distracted :)


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