Angels and bunnies and more bunnies, oh my!

Just finished a little Wintery batch. I was in an icy-blue mood. Needed some wings and bunny ears to melt my cold cold heart. And so it is that this trio, guaranteed to thaw even the frostiest among us, is here.

I made some new stuff last week too, only I failed to share them here in Bloglandia. I think Facebook has sucked me into some sort of time vortex, leaving little time for other endeavors. If you miss me, you'll probably find me over there. But be warned. . . time vortex.

I'm forever trying to figure out how to better mange my time. Apparently, working ALL the time isn't good (even if that work is fun). Working ALONE all the time is apparently not conducive to having any sort of social life, and one might find oneself talking to one's creations a little bit TOO much. Not good. And if super-happy-creative-funtime always wins over time-to-pay-the-bills time, and numbers make me itch, and there's homework and paperwork and what-the-heck-does-this-even-mean work, and practice-the-guitar and learn-something-new-every-day, and make sure to exercise/take-your-vitamins/meditate/journal/bask-in-gratitude/get-out-there-and-meet-people because it's good for you, and you're not getting any younger, and today is the first day of the rest of your life, and , and, and. . .

So I'm doing my damnedest to find that balance that apparently exists. . . somewhere.
Doesn't it? 

In the meantime, Lulu and I will be in our blanket fort.


  1. These are so wonderful! The gingerbread people are my favorites. :)

  2. Your new makes are magical as always Jo, Gigi is so adorable! If you find the answer to the whole balance question, please share 'cause it's got me bamboozled too. A blanket fort sounds like the perfect answer!! (One thing I've not regretted doing is leaving Facebook, it is the black hole of time!)

  3. The new pieces are wonderful and nice for those who do blue and white in their homes.


  4. I am asking Santa to bring you someone to share your journey with <3


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