A Merry Little Christmas

So here's the conundrum-- my love of Christmas cheer plus my very small space did not add up to a livable/workable environment. Solution-- I made my own little tree! I designed it such that it can all be taken apart and stack flat for storage. I had so much fun rounding up my tiny treasures to decorate it with! And I already had the little house for the top (you can go here for directions to make your own), which perfectly covered the bolt that holds the whole tree together. I'm thinking I'll put together some instructions for the stacking tree after the whirlwind of holiday activities has blown past.  In the meantime, my list is long and I'm mighty grateful for that!

Hope you're all feeling the spirit!
(But if you're just not that's okay too. I'll still like you.)


  1. I love your tree shelf, that is such a clever idea and I would love to make one for next year.
    I have obnoxious kitties and a new puppy, so I have prim table top trees for now. I like the idea of displaying my favorite ornaments without having to worry about the kitties pulling them off the tree, so the dog can eat them, lol.


  2. Just love the idea and all your little sweeties on the shelf! Merry Merry Christmas and big hugs!

  3. That is so lovely. If you have time to write the instructions, I would love to persuade my son to make me a tree for next year. Merry Christmas and may your next year bring you the joy you deserve.

  4. I love your tree! It is so creative and thoroughly wonderfully you! Ho, ho, ho, Merry Christmas!!!

  5. Here's hoping you have a lovely , happy Christmas Season. Xmas Day has come and gone here, and am I GLAD!!
    Love your tree.

  6. What a wonderful little tree! Hope you're Christmas was filled with love and hope Jo and here's to a New Year filled with joy.


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