Makin' a List, Checkin' it Twice

Well, I got to check bunches of stuff off my Finish-It list this weekend, but there are still lots and lots of things left to do. I love my lists, they're funny. You gotta love a job that has lists that include (and I quote) make bat wings, paint fangs, more spider arms, epoxy (ok, so that's just a funny word), and name the skellyheads.  Silliness, I tell you!

 I'm learning to take better pictures I think, and I made some pretty new backgrounds too. I just painted them on poster board then covered that with tracing paper to give it a blurry backgroundy look. 

I'm doing something new! Been playing with clay (the fire-it-in-a-kiln kind) lately. I sculpted a bunch of pieces and have been slowly but surely making molds of them. It was a steep learning curve with lots and lots of opportunities to learn from my mistakes. But I think I have it pretty much figured out. Now I can press clay into the molds, carve in the details, fire it up, and decorate however my little heart desires. These guys are painted. . .
. . .and these guys are a combination of glaze (raku-fired) and paint. Fun!
Most of these pieces have already been claimed, but in all my creative chaos I totally spaced out the fact that I have 3 more pieces done too. They sit here above me, whining about missing out on the photo shoot. Patience, my pesties! I'll get to you tomorrow.


  1. Sweet dolls! Yeah, my lists look pretty strange sometimes, too!

  2. Wow Jo, you have been busy! Everything, and I do mean everything!, is absolutely brilliant and how exciting that you are now working with clay. More Cart Before The Horse wonderfulness to come! P.S. Love your list, that is hilarious!


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