Circus Kitty and Getting Zen

Just finished this little chunk of sweetness.
He's in the shop now if you wanna check him out.

I'm heading out of town for the weekend, gonna go get meditative and whatnot at Great Vow Zen Monastery. It's a 4-hour gorgeous drive, and College Boy is coming with. Yay! We'll be attending this workshop on transforming the inner-critic. Inner-critics can be such nags, and mine can get downright mean!

Last time I was there we had an unexpected snow storm. I suspect the views will be much different this time. It's wonderful to leave the real world for a bit, although coming back tends to feel a little... loud. 


  1. Love the new piece and the idea of a Zen weekend sounds nice and relaxing, I could use one of those.


  2. Love your cat! So glad you're back creating with gusto!Have a calm, reflective weekend.

  3. ...Have fun! And when you return, I'd like to know more how to shut up that inner critic thingy. :o)

    ...Love the circus kitty too - such fabulous work you do! It's hard to believe you have an inner critic at all.

    ...Have a lovely weekend Jo!

    ...Peace & blessings. :o)

  4. Your little kitty and it's tent are adorable!


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