Something-New Sunday

Happy September, everybody! 

Look, I made a clown!
And just as I suspected, he's totally the stuff nightmares are made of.
But as far as nightmares go, he's pretty darn cute.

There's nothing nightmarish about Lumina though. She's just plain sweet.

So is her best friend, Raggedy Boo.

Also, there's this whole masked party thing going on today on The Cart. Six green-eyed masked little bits of hyperactivity. They're all sugar addicts I'm afraid, every last one of them. And no, candy corn is NOT a vegetable. It's a small miracle that I was able to get them all to sit still long enough for pictures. They look so sweet though, you say? Well, masks bring out the wild side in the sweetest among us.

Everybody is available right now in the shop.
Let the merriment commence!


  1. Lumina and the Clown are just too darn cute!
    Wonderful new pieces!

  2. These are great! Especially sweet Lumina and the grinning clown. I just love them.


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