A Glitch. . . And Some After Pictures

Dylan had a bit of a mishap with a machete. Ouch! Here he is being a trooper in the ER.
He severed a tendon and will require surgery on Monday to fix his hand. The good news is that the doc is confident that's he's totally fixable. So everything is on hold for a bit while we get this sorted out.

In the meantime I'm just taking care of my sweetie, doing what I can, and not thinking about what still needs to be done. Instead, I'm focusing on all the stuff we have gotten done. Here are some of the finished (more or less) areas of The Cart.

Thank you to everyone who has written to check on Dylan and extend their warm wishes. 
It's greatly appreciated.


  1. Poor Dylan, hope the surgery goes well and he has full use of his thumb again. Love how you decorated the camper and I really love those pillows.


  2. Everything you do is so fabulous! Fingers crossed for a quick healing thumb.

  3. This is really cushy! Sorry about the mishap...

  4. Oh me, oh my! I do hope he mends quickly!

  5. Awful about Dylan's thumb. I knew a guy that buzz sawed his off and they reattached it and he can even use it!!! Your caravan looks great!!!
    hugs Karen

  6. I love seeing the progress you've made on the CART. But I'm so sorry to hear about Dylan. I wish him good luck and a speedy recovery. My brother hurt his hand a few years ago while snowboarding. He too had surgery and has made a full recovery.

  7. So sorry to hear about Dylan :( Wishing him a speedy recovery...

  8. The Cart is looking so beautiful! Every inch looks cool, unique, and utterly you, I love it. (I especially love the little house shaped board with shelves!) Good luck and swift healing to Dylan!

  9. Hope for a speedy recovery!


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