Tiny Bathroom.Tiny Sale.

Taking photos of a toilet??? Yep!
Here's the RV bathroom so far. Dylan like to re-purpose existing stuff whenever he can. Some of the things he incorporated into this tiny bathroom include: a hat rack that his grandfather made him when he was 5,  a crossbow, a clothes hamper, and an old typewriter.
We're hoping to put in flooring today, which will make everything feel like it's finally coming together. Everything takes longer and costs more than we've guessed, but we're seeing progress. Good thing too, cuz we're moving in in 11 days!!

In other news. . .
These four one-of-a-kinds have been marked way the heck down to only $40 a piece.
Here in the shop.

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  1. The little loo is looking great!! Remember those magazines, "Highlights" for children? You can still find them at the Doctor's office and the Dentist. I used to love the page with a large scene... and hidden were a number of items that the reader had to find....a key, a monkey, a crossbow, a re-purposed hat rack, etc.... Your Bathroom reminds me of this, and I am still looking!!!


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