The Half-Way Mark


We’re turning a 1989 Winnebago Itasca into a place where we can live and work. For the past 10 years we've been making our living making art that we show and sell via the internet. This has given us the freedom to live wherever we want, regardless of job options. However, up until this point we've been limited by wanting to live in kid-friendly places with good schools. But now our youngest is about to graduate, and we're ready to wander around a bit. We still need to make a living though, and still want/need to make art, so we’re packing up the studio and taking it with us! When we’re done with it our little wheelie house (hopefully by the end of July) will have two studio spaces for the two of us, a bedroom, bathroom with a shower, and a guest bed. It’ll accommodate all of our arty living needs; space for sewing, painting, sculpting, shipping, and even a little bit of woodworking. And it’ll be capable of keeping us connected to our wonderful collectors via the magic of wireless internet. We've sunk all of our dollars into making this happen. ALL of them. We're asking your help to finish it.


We want to have a home of our own without the burden of a mortgage. We want the freedom to experiment without being held to building codes, to explore new views whenever we get the urge, to chase the weather. We’re excited by the innovation that living in a small space insists upon. Tiny houses are cozy. We like the way the rain sounds on the roof. We want to live a life less ordinary. We like the simple things. We want to spend more time making whatever tickles our fancy, without having to worry that it won’t pay the bills. Both of us are homebodies, so the idea of being able to see new things while still technically being at home has an undeniable appeal.


As of today, we are half-way to our goal. Yay!!

16 days to go. Please go here, and tell your friends!

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  1. I love that idea too, but we are tied to our mortgage or we lose money, but I love camping and love the idea of traveling to places around the states. I will enjoy traveling with you and seeing where your travels take you.



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