Wheelie House Update

Back in February we bought a used RV that'll we're turning into a mobile studio in which we'll live and work while traveling around in search of new views. I've been meaning to post pics and tell you all how it's going, but I'm just now getting around to it. We've been steadily working on it in all our extra minutes. Dylan has done lots and lots of behind-the-walls sorts of things, and lots of tearing-down-walls sorts of things. More about all that later.

Anyway, we started by taking off all the cupboard doors. All 25 of them. But only 14 or so are going back in. So they're all stacked up waiting for me to paint them. I already painted all the hinges though, and all the little screws that hold the hinges. More about that later too.

Here's the before (and current) picture of the fold-out couch. There will be a slipcover in the not-too-distant future. And big pillows. Lots of pillows.

Dylan has been in charge of demolition/electrical/propane/water/toilet stuff. So mostly it's been all Dylan so far, although I have done my fair share of screw removal. He'll bring me in when all that functional stuff is done and it's time for making things look nice, which I hope will be really really really soon. Here are some more before and current pics. This first one looks towards the bedroom from the front of the RV.

The kitchen.

The former fridge, and the empty space that awaits a new fridge.

 The former bathroom, and the mess that awaits. . . well, everything.

It doesn't look like progress is being made. In fact, it kinda looks like we're just making a big fat mess, but Dylan assures me that there's method to his madness. We'll know our little wheelie house inside and out when all is said and done. In the meantime, there have been many unwelcome discoveries along the way. The lamest of which is the water damage hiding in all sorts of places. And a horrible poop-related discovery that I won't go in to right now. The most interesting discoveries included a mouse nest, and three hornet nests.

Today, I patched holes and spackled stuff. Tomorrow we start painting the kitchen/studio/living room! We're hoping to do some sort of fundraiser really soon so that we can finish the back half too. We have about 2 and a half months to finish and move in. Tick tock!


  1. Thanks for sharing your project pictures. This seems like a lot of hard work, but I can't wait to see the end result. Very cool...

  2. This is the kind of thing I get really excited about.... please keep us posted!

  3. Gosh! Big project, but what a life you are going to have.So many new experiences.So much to see..people to meet, stories to tell.I will be journeying vicariously along with you.So fab having a handy hubby!!

  4. Грандиозная переделка, но она того стоит. Удачи!!!

  5. Can't wait to see the end! Wow did it make a huge difference to take out that big wardrobe/cabinet in the hallway - an amazing difference! Are you going with fun colors? I look at all the cute campers on Pinterest and get jealous...my camper came with tounge and groove pine all over and that's the way it's going to stay cause that's what hubbie wants lol (it's a fish house/camper) but I would love to have a little camper to decorate and play in!...Hmmmm maybe a little one someday I can make into a "playhouse" for me and the grandkids...anyways, it's fun to watch your progress and thank you for the update!

  6. GOOD GRACIOUS! I go away for a couple of weeks & you & Dylan have accomplished TONS! Jo, it's going to be WONDERFUL! You are thick in the HARD part now but - oh, the FUN you'll have when it comes time to 'pretty up' everything. I know your new travel home will be glorious, fun, VERY art-filled, and (hope, hope, hope) able to wheel its way to Houston sometime & visit ME! LOVE YOU! (And DON'T get overly tired. Take breaks. Yes, Dylan! You too, Superman!)

  7. ...My goodness, you two are moving along! Have you sold your home already? Does this mean that you two will be traveling this great nation of ours and possibly coming into/near our towns so that fans/groupies of CBTH can meet you? *wink*wink*nudge*nudge* ;o)

    ...Lookin' good you two!

    ...Enjoy your day!

    ...Peace & blessings. :o)

  8. Actually, to me it looks like a LOT is getting done! I LOVE seeing your "in progress" photos, because we have our own "in progress" trailer right now. We have 19" Airstream from 1963.

    Two summers back, it became evident that it was time for some renovations when we were absolutely drenched from the rain night after night. So that fall, Matt started tearing things apart thinking it would be just a little renovation and repair on the front of the trailer. Well, as you found out, BIG problems hide under everything in a trailer, and we found out that not only was the floor rotted like we thought, but so was the ENTIRE metal frame! So Matt gutted the whole thing and the insides are still laying in pieces in our garage and basement. The shell and re-welded frame are, of course, outside.

    I'm hoping it will be ready for next summer (like in a over a year)--Matt has had to travel a lot with his job which has slowed the progress considerably. We were hoping to have it this year, but that's not going to happen. At least the big problems have been repaired and now it's time to start putting it back together again. I think we may even reconfigure the floorplan since we're already starting from square one!

    Have fun!!

  9. This has to be so exciting and scary too! I don't think I could get rid of most of my stuff to live in an RV but maybe it would be freeing.
    I look forward to your adventures!

  10. Enjoyed seeing your progress and can't wait to see how you change it and make it your own.


  11. I have to say, it's fascinating to watch the progress. Thanks for sharing! I am so eager to see what it looks like when you're done putting your unique stamp on it.

  12. An awesome adventure awaits! Y'all have done a ton of work!! I spent my childhood helping in the restoration of colonial homes- the tear down is the hardest. The build up is the reward! So excited for you both!

  13. So exciting! Looking forward to seeing how it turns out and to hearing about your adventures.

  14. Check out some used books for tips on remodeling RVs, especially the parts about keeping weight down low, since you don't want to be top heavy in the wind. Also, everything that can move or shift needs to be corralled, contained or tied down. Living Aboard Your RV is one good book. I'd send you mine, but my brother needs it right now.

    We are still working on our project, or we will sell it. Not sure at this point.


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