Boy Kid on the Drums!

This past Saturday we got to see the results of all Boy Kid's time spent at rehearsals. He's a member of OCI  (Oregon Crusaders Indoor). It's sort of an All-Star band made up of people from all over this region. It's mostly made up of students age 17-22, although there are a few younger ones in there too. They have to audition to get in. That's my guy, front and center, on the drum set. I love the show they came up with this year. And now they're off to Dayton, Ohio for the International Championships!

Here's the video on YouTube.

Dylan and I can't believe how amazingly lucky we are to get to be the parents of such artistic and musical kids!


  1. Wow!What a video.Clever boy!!Thanks for sharing!

  2. Ok...that was just totally cool! Loved it!

  3. This is amazing! Such talent and what a stunning production!! Cheers to you proud mama!!


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