Whittling and UFOs

In between playing with clay and painting, I'm continuing to pass judgement on EVERYTHING (right down to the last button) that we own. Whittling it down. Does it stay or does it go? It's actually a pretty cool project, as long as I take it one little step at a time. I started with the studio, and now my table is covered in UFOs (UnFinished Objects)! We probably won't be able to do any wood working for a good long while once we're mobile (no garage), so anything that requires clunky loud power tools needs to be done now or never.

 I already have a big ole pile of garage sale fodder. A cool pile, full of artsy craftsy goodness! I'm tackling the hall closet next. There is so much to do! Oh yes, lists will be made.

The list of things we'll need to bring is much much shorter than the list of things we won't, but we've realized that we're gonna need to go wireless once we're mobile. So that means having to get a laptop and a smart phone. And we'll need some sort of trailer thingy to tow our car. I hope our pending garage sale is super lucrative!

For all those who are asking. . . YES, we'll still be making art! We're turning the RV into a mobile studio so we can work from anywhere. We're hoping to bring it home this Wednesday, which is my 40th birthday! (Right now it's at my folks house while we figure out how to somehow get it into our side yard.) In the meantime, I'll be in the studio.

I'm hoping to finish those three odd little paintings today so we can offer them for sale tomorrow. 


  1. I love that middle painting.......how much will that be?
    Golly you sound super organised....hard work butr what fun!

  2. I am super excited for the new adventure ahead of you! Ahhhhh.. the thought of open air creating and changing locations for new inspiration whenever the mood strikes! Hoping huge garage sale profits for you!

  3. I'm SO excited for you! Wish I were close enough to help you in some way! And I say, "CELEBRATE YOUR WONDERFULNESS ALL WEEK LONG!" Early Happy Birthday! LOOOOOOVE YOU, Jo!!!


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