I don't have anything new all done today, but I've got these beauties in the works.
I'm hoping to finish them today.
I think I can, I think I can. . .

I wasn't able to get them done by today on account of we had a little impromptu road trip! We had the crazy idea to drive three and a half hours to go look at a piece of property that seemed so perfect that we couldn't wait another second to go see it. We were basing it's supposed perfectness on pictures we'd seen online. Pictures apparently taken in the Summer. Pictures that could not accurately portray the reality that this particular piece of property was at about 5000 feet, and covered in snow 7 months out of the year. We were looking for a little adventure, but not this much adventure. I think that the following picture more accurately portrays the reality of the situation. 

Too much adventure! There's no denying the beauty of the area though. The breathtaking beauty and the amazing night sky was almost enough to convince us to take the plunge. But the water was just a little too icy for us.

Plus, it would've been an hour's drive to the nearest grocery store or library. Nice place to visit, but we don't want to live there. On to the next crazy idea!

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  1. It IS gorgeous! But I GET you re: the WAY TOOOOO REMOTE issue! My best friend & her 3 sisters co-own a cabin in the far outskirts of Canada and they, too, have an outhouse. That's not SO bad she says except that there are lots of moose in the vicinity who are - ummm - NOT so nice and make taking the trip TO said outhouse (especially late at night) very unpleasant if not precarious! LOL! But, at least you & Dylan had a lovely outing!! Hugs!!!


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