Sneaky-Peeks and Embracing the Wonk

I finished a few new pieces. They're kinda odd. I like them.
Today I'm gonna be working on playing with my scrappy quilt. Thanks to my buddy Dixie surprising me with a package, my fabric stash has just practically doubled! So now I can finish with the strip-cutting bit and commence to sewing. I'm realizing (too late) that I should have maybe been a little more conscious about the whole measuring thing. See those little "squares"? Yeah, they're supposed to match up at the corners. And be, you know, square. I'm not worried though, just embracing their wonkiness.


  1. WOOHOO for WONKINESS! I LOVE your new critters, and I admire ANYONE who can quilt!! I couldn't sew a straight line if my LIFE depended on it! So, square??? Bah! I think it's PERFECT!

  2. Your toys so special and wonderful.

  3. Have you tried Crazy Patch Jo- much more forgiving.Alicia Merrett(check Google), has a strip piecing method for curvy strips.Her quilts are really good.very wonky and appealing.

  4. Perfect corners are for squares! Best to work outside the box! Couldn't resist a couple of corny puns :) Long live the wonk!


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